The performance of a predetermined set of securities, for comparison purposes. Such sets may be based on published indexes or may be customized to suit an investment strategy. The New York Times Financial Glossary

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I. benchmark bench‧mark 1 [ˈbentʆmɑːk ǁ -mɑːrk] noun [countable]
1. something that can be used as a comparison by which to judge or measure other things:

• The newest Treasury bond is the benchmark bond, the one that trades most heavily.

2. COMMERCE a good performance that one company has achieved, that can be used as a standard to judge other companies of the same type:

• Companies need to know how much return they can expect from their IT investments: they need benchmarks to see how their systems are performing.

  [m0] II. benchmark benchmark 2 verb [transitive] COMMERCE
to use a company's good performance as a standard by which to judge the performance of other companies of the same type:
benchmark somebody/​something against something

• British Steel have benchmarked themselves against the best operations anywhere in the world.

— benchmarking noun [uncountable] :

• Mr O'Neill, a newcomer to the industry, heeds theories of cost control and benchmarking against other industries.

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   A standard used for comparison. A benchmark security is usually the most recently issued security in good size. It sets the standard for the rest of the market. A benchmark issue is highly liquid.

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benchmark UK US /ˈbenʃmɑːk/ noun [C]
a level of quality that can be used as a standard against which to compare other things: »

Apple's iconic iPhone became the benchmark in the market.


The new report provides a benchmark for food companies around the world.


The catalog industry can discover new opportunities by comparing its own business trends to industry benchmarks.


They set the benchmark for ethical beauty packaging.


The company sets the benchmark against which other businesses make health care decisions.

FINANCE a share price, interest rate, etc. that other share prices, interest rates, etc. can be compared against: the benchmark for sth »

This year the benchmark for iron ore is $60 a tonne.


The Merval stock index, the benchmark measure of Argentina's stock market, rose 8.2% yesterday.


The benchmark price of oil dropped from $59 to $53 per barrel.

IT a computer program that measures the quality and speed of computer software or hardware (= equipment or electronic parts): benchmark program/software/test »

The benchmark tests show that the new machines are only slightly faster.

benchmark UK US /ˈbenʃmɑːk/ verb
[T] to measure the quality of something by comparing it with something else of an accepted standard: »

Being able to benchmark performance is very important for new companies.


The European Parliament has launched a programme to benchmark employment laws across the EU.

[I or T] to use something as a standard in order to improve your own work, products, or processes: benchmark (sb/sth) against sth »

The company continues to benchmark against the competition.


The results allow the company to benchmark itself against other organizations and identify areas for improvement.

[T] IT to test the quality and speed of computer software or hardware (= equipment or electronic parts): »

Benchmark the speed of your computer.

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